On the same day that Nestle Waters  North America received a 10 page letter dated July 28, 2008 from the State of California Attorney General warning them of a possible legal challenge to the proposed water  bottling plant in McCloud, the company sent out a press release agreeing to a two to three year study and evaluation of the intended primary source of water for the project, Squaw Valley Creek.
Nestle has contracted with North State Resources to conduct the study. In addition to NSR’s expertise, the project will benefit from independent contributions and oversight from scientists and experts from the University of California, Berkeley and UC Davis.
The studies will include extensive study and evaluation of the existing hydrology and biology of the Squaw Valley creek watershed. The data collected will be used to develop baseline information to improve the understanding of the characteristics of the watershed.
“Nestle Waters is committed to ensuring that our projects are consistent with the sustainability and long-term availability of water in the communities in which we are located,” said Dave Palais, Nestle project manager. “We are excited to get this important work started to help us better understand the watershed. The Combination of North State Resources understanding and expertise in Northern California with the knowledge of some of California’s leading scientists from the   University of California will result in the development of valuable data that will benefit the McCloud Community for years to come.”
The press release also stated that Nestle will conduct additional studies on air and water quality, traffic conditions, hazardous materials and explore the potential impact of climate change on water supply which will then be included in a new draft environmental impact report.