Dear Editor,
My well water here in Mount Shasta is so pure it could be sold, so I have never sought other sources for drinking water.
But recently I had out of town guests who love the headwaters that gush out at our city park, and wanted to fill up their containers before they left.
And I know many folks come from miles around to do the same. So for fun, I went with them and filled a few of my own.
I have never in my life tasted water like this. It’s like drinking heaven.
I read somewhere that when water goes through a pipe, it loses a molecule; I don’t know if this is true, or why that would be. All I can say is that the headwaters contain for me all the joy of our great mountain from which it flows.
It is alive as no well water I have tasted. And here I’ve been ignoring it for 20 years. No more! If you like me have not known what you’ve been missing, take a few gallon jugs and try it yourself.
Joanna Cherry
Mount Shasta