Dear Editor,
It’s been two and a half years since we left our much-loved Dunsmuir home on Caldwell Avenue to move to Chehalis, Wash.
Our home, the beautiful and serene garden, our friends and extended family are greatly missed, more than we ever imagined they could be. Tony Bennett claims he left his heart in San Francisco; obviously we’ve left ours in Dunsmuir.
At the moment we’re seeing snowflakes the size of golf balls sailing past our family room window.
Seeing as how this much snow is a rarity in this part of southwest Washington, it only adds to the warm Dunsmuir memories of our friends and neighbors shoveling the old Welch “Wrinklies” driveway of the “All Tucked Inn” and making certain that we were doing okay in various ways.
New friends are a blessing, but old friends can never be replaced. Mount Shasta friends are included in that category.
Dunsmuir is surely the prettiest little town that God every created. May He watch over all of the dear hearts and gentle people who live there.
Del and Marian Welch
Chehalis, Wash.