Dear Editor,
Congratulations to you beloved President Obama,
My heart rejoices and sings with joy.
At such a difficult time in the history of the land,
We were blessed with a commander-in-chief like you.
Few years ago you spoke so well,
You stunned us by your voice and your words.
I knew that day that you will be our president one day,
To guide us all and be our strength.
You look so kind, so honest, so pure,
You speak with confidence of the change you will bring.
May the dear Lord light your path and give you strength,
So you can guide us all and be our strength.
May love, kindness and justice, flow through you,
May you lead our nation to greater peace.
All young and old cried out with joy,
When you walked triumphant with that pleasant smile.
May you walk like President Abe Lincoln did,
“with malaise towards none and charity for all.”
May the Lord bless you and our beautiful land,
May peace and joy flow in to every heart.
Saeeda Dalal
Mount Shasta