Since opening his Turn of the Century Art Gallery in downtown Weed, Lewis Meyers Jr. has invested countless hours rejuvenating what was previously a dilapidated shack occupying the back end of a downtown lot. That effort, though still a work in progress, has resulted in a charming and eclectic part of the Main Street landscape, one which, according to Meyers, is constantly evolving.
“This space, like my life, is a work in progress,” said Meyers, speaking of both the gallery building, as well as the sculpture garden that takes up the front part of the lot.
Meyer’s  vision is  rooted in helping  revitalize the downtown area and contributing to the community as a whole. It is a goal which he hopes to manifest, in part,  through the creation of a mural on the wall that frames one side of the garden.
At a gallery show this past Saturday, visitors enjoyed the “new secret projects” of Meyers and photographer Nickki Lee Hill, as well as the featured  work of other local  and Bay Area artists. 
Guests were invited to contribute their ideas for the proposed mural. 
“We’re calling it the Garden of Eden mural,” explained Meyers.  “I am encouraging anyone who is interested to contribute ideas that they think fit that theme.”
The design, explained Meyers, should also be something that will work with a mosaic tile installation that will soon cover the entire outside front of his gallery. That work is being done by Weed mosaic tile artist Monica Zinda, who, like Meyers, seeks to involve the community and to contribute to the evolving downtown aesthetic.
During Saturday’s  show, Meyers displayed a picture of Zinda’s design and had a place for people to write down their ideas for the mural design.  
Currently sitting in  the front yard of the gallery lot is an assemblage of metal and stone sculpture. It is, according to Meyers, just the beginning of the sculpture garden.
“I’m planning on planting some fruit trees and really developing it fully,” he said.
Though partial to wood and metal, Meyers incorporates a variety of material, including glass, stone, bone and leather into his sculptures.
He makes fine furniture and other “functional” art pieces. Currently on display are some of his “new secret pieces” that include a line of photograph stands that he has fashioned out of an assortment of wood pieces.  He is also developing a line of recycled pine benches, which will soon be available.
A collection of underwater photographs by Nickki Lee Hill is also on display. “I’ve really been curious about what I can do with water,”?she said. “It is really a different way of working with light.”
Hill is also one of the curators of the “Speak and Be Heard” show that is currently at Liberty Arts in Yreka. The next show, beginning April 15, will be “Functional Art: Art with exquisite purpose” and will be curated by Meyers. The juried show is accepting submissions until March 31.
Meyers will be holding another show at  his Weed gallery on April 4  in conjunction with the  River Run Gallery. 
Turn of the Centry Arts is located at 241 Main Street in Weed.  Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday 1-6pm or by appointment.  For more information  visit or call 938-1330. Meyers welcomes suggestions for the proposed mural.