Dear Editor,
I am writing in regards to the June 8 Mount Shasta City Council meeting. As most have heard, last week’s meeting possessed a heated topic that many had a say in. I walked away from the meeting very dissatisfied.
My dissatisfaction was not due to the outcome of the topic, but rather the disrespectfulness of one of the council members.
The council member showed no respect to the citizens who spoke during the public hearing. Mrs. Spelliscy was interruptive and shaking her head at those who were speaking.
I send my compliments to Mayor Sterns for occasionally trying to keep her annoying out bursts to herself.
I would like to send a message to Sandra Spelliscy — listen to our city’s citizens as you are an elected official and it is your duty.
As a citizen I demand that when it is my time to speak at these meetings, that I not be interrupted by council out bursts.
If I am out of line in my statement, then it is the responsibility of Mayor Sterns to let me know because he holds the golden gavel.
Chad Henson
Mount Shasta