Republican State Senator Jeff Denham cast an early morning vote on the budget Friday in Sacramento, then drove to Mount Shasta to discuss his 2010 bid for Lieutenant Governor with a group of local supporters.
Denham said he voted no on a majority of the bills involved in the morning Senate budget agreement.?He expressed the opinion that California should liquidate state owned properties such as San Quentin, the LA Coliseum  and the Cow Palace to help close the massive budget gap. He also favors promoting higher education as a way to bring in more businesses.
Among the proposals Denham opposed are the borrowing of local municipalities’ Proposition 1A gas tax and redevelopment funds.
The Mount Shasta City Council recently put aside $83,000 in anticipation of just such an action.
“We can’t continue to steal from local governments,” Denham said. “This will force cuts to public safety and corrections, releasing approximately 27,000 inmates... This is a perfect storm for disaster. Small local governments have already made cuts, have already made tough decisions. It’s unfair to push more.”
“We’re fighting for more water storage,” Denham said regarding his concern over losing northern California dams. “The state wants to take a green initiative, and we need water storage to be able to do that.”
If elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor, Denham would serve as governor when the governor is absent, act as the state Senate president and appoint representatives to many of California’s regulatory commissions and executive agencies. He would sit on the UC Board of Regents, CSU Board of Trustees, Ocean Protection Council, the California Emergency Council, the State Lands Commission and the Commission for Economic Development.
For the past six years, Denham has represented Californians in the 12th Senate District – an area which includes Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, and San Benito counties, as well as a portion of Monterey County.
Denham is the chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and serves on the Senate Appropriations, Budget and Fiscal Review, and Governmental Organization committees.