The man who allegedly made threatening phone calls to the Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services was taken into custody by law enforcement Sunday.

The man who allegedly made threatening phone calls to the Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services was taken into custody by law enforcement Sunday.

Police tracked the calls to Ralph Stewart, a 49 year old Dorris resident, after he allegedly made another threatening phone call to BHS on Friday, according to Lt. Dave Gamache of the Yreka Police Department.

Employees at BHS have been receiving threatening calls over the past few weeks, and last Thursday, they called the YPD with a report of a bomb threat having been received. Officers from the YPD and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department reported to the Yreka building at about 3:35 p.m. Thursday as officers from the Mount Shasta Police Department reported to the Mount Shasta BHS offices. Management at both offices evacuated their employees, and officers search the buildings.

BHS staff reported a deep male voice had called and told staff that “the bomb is on its way,” Gamache said Thursday. Nothing out of the ordinary was found at either location.

The YPD received another call from BHS on Friday, reporting they had received another threatening call, though not a bomb threat. They were “similar to previous threats received in the weeks preceding the bomb threat,” Gamache said.

After getting their caller ID system fixed, the BHS staff was able to provide YPD Officer Scott Daugherty with the cell phone number the call came in on. Sgt. Mark Gilman continued the investigation and was able to determine the phone number belonged to a prepaid TracFone, which meant there was no subscriber information linked to it, Gamache said.

Gilman called the service provider and asked them to ping off the nearest phone tower, which was determined to be two miles east of Dorris Hills. Gilman then researched BHS records to find any employee or clients with a Dorris address, of which he found two.

He passed that information on the Sgt. Chris Betts of the YPD, who took the number to the SCSO and asked them to run a check on the number. The SCSO found the number had been given as a contact number for a case, and Stewart’s name was the associated contact.

Betts then wrote a search warrant for Stewart’s residence. Because previous contacts with Stewart had allegedly been violent, the YPD asked for assistance from the SCSO’s SWAT team, and they served the search warrant on Sunday, Gamache said.

Officers located the phone and confirmed the number. Stewart was taken into custody, where he admitted to making the calls to BHS, Gamache said. He now faces charges of making terrorist threats.

Sheriff Jon Lopey said his department is working on a program to train county employees about handling situations in which there is a bomb threat, and he offered the public some basic advice, as well.

“We would advise the public to be alert, report suspicious persons or articles, not to touch suspicious items, to memorize or record all pertinent information to assist law enforcement authorities, and to keep offices and vehicles secured,” he said.