Young McCloud residents Abigail and Ryan Hering, ages 13 and 11, have successfully auditioned for the Shasta Youth Symphony in Redding, where both play 2nd violin.

The homeschooled children of Fred and Kelly Hering, who supplement their education through Golden Eagle Charter School in Mount Shasta, are taught violin by Arlene Gatusso of Redding, who is a 1st violinist for the Shasta Symphony.

The Herings began their musical careers by learning piano with McCloud pianist Mary Beth Shrader and started violin with another McCloud resident, Grace Porter, according to information provided by Golden Eagle school.  

“We are lucky to have such gifted music teachers in such a small town,” says Kelly Hering.

Waiting in the wings are little brother and sister, Ialee, age 9, and Drew, age 7, who also both play violin and piano.

The Shasta Youth Symphony is conducted by Dr. Richard Fiske and has more than 50 musicians ranging in age from 8 to 50.

They perform several concerts each year at Shasta College. For more information visit: