The McCloud Reservoir is expected to spill over in the next couple of days. Pacific Gas and Electric Company spokesman Paul Moreno  released an advisory on Monday stating that due to this winter’s heavy snows and warm spring temperatures, rapid snowmelt is filling the McCloud Reservoir to its capacity.

“Trout season opens Saturday and anglers and other recreationists have come to expect and appreciate the fairly consistent flows year round that come from the lower McCloud River,” he said, “but we need to advise people that the river is running swifter and colder now during the daytime as temperatures increase, and as temperatures cool at night, the flow fluctuates.”

“McCloud Reservoir's flow into the river is normally pretty consistent in the range of 400 to 450 CFS,” he said, “but that will increase to 600 CFS or higher until the flow into the reservoir subsides.”

“PG&E has gone to great efforts to delay the McCloud Reservoir spillover and to minimize it by diverting water to the Iron Gate Reservoir and out through James B. Black Powerhouse on the Pit River,” said Moreno. “But we can't control mother nature and the warmer days,” he added.

Moreno said that many of PG&E's reservoirs are expected to begin spilling in May, if they haven’t already.

On April 1, the state did their snow pack survey which showed  a 163 percent increase of normal snowfall – the most since 1995.