Perhaps a brisk morning run, or walk, is what everyone needs on Thanksgiving morning, just before filling our stomachs full of turkey and potatoes.

Perhaps a brisk morning run, or walk, is what everyone needs on Thanksgiving morning, just before filling our stomachs full of turkey and potatoes.

In an event to benefit Siskiyou Food Assistance, who has been helping to feed local families since 1986, Weed welcomed its first Run for Food race. A five kilometer race starting at the College of the Siskiyous track and winding its way around the campus and its trails this past Thursday morning.

With a successful early registration, the fundraiser was able to pull in approximately $5,300, which went directly into an account and will go towards providing food for struggling families in Siskiyou County.

“We were really encouraged by all the support,” said event organizer Denise Spayd. “It was nice to see the community come together to help others.”

Welcoming runners and walkers of all ages, along with their visiting loved ones, the COS track played host to more than a couple miniature family reunions. Children cheered when mom crossed the finish line. Brothers encouraged sisters when making the final push around the track.

“It was a real family oriented event,” said Weed Chamber president John Diehm.

Combining competition with leisurely exercise, some of the more serious runners ran alone, while others walked across the finish line in groups.

Taking home first place  overall with a time of 18 minutes and 17 seconds was Jack Leiffer, who changed his plans this Thanksgiving to attend the Weed event. “I usually do different ones, but this is a worthy cause. We have a very competitive group and I hope it goes every year.”

Second place overall went to Shannon Maas and third place went to Cody Beam.

The following are the results according to age group and gender.

Male 0-14 – 1st, Jonathan Blomber; 2nd, D’Mitri Woodruff; 3rd, Bryan Bohling.
Female 0-14 – 1st, Marlee Prevette; 2nd, Dawson McChesney; 3rd, Becky Weed.
Male 15-19 – 1st, Cody Beam; 2nd, Ben Hubbard; 3rd, William Hubbard.
Female 15-19 –  1st, Julie Ostrowski; 2nd, Elizabeth DeRoss; 3rd, Taylor Van Dyke.
Male 20-29 – 1st, Denny Wilson; 2nd, Daniel Ostrowski; 3rd, Chris Temple.
Female 20-29 –  Tied for 1st, Carla and Emily DeRoss; 2nd, Theresa O’Connor; 3rd, Kimberly Wilson.
Male 30-39 – 1st, Shannon Maas; 2nd, David Molter; 3rd, Patrick O’Connor.
Female 30-39 –  1st, Angela Towner; 2nd, Melissa Huhtala; 3rd, Felicity Kennedy.
Male 40-49 – 1st, Parish Cross; 2nd, Dean Bohling; 3rd, Mike Hallman.
Female 40-49 –  1st, Shelley Bloomberg; 2nd, Patty Hood; 3rd, Heather Chase.
Male 50-59 – 1st, Jack Leiffer; 2nd, Dorian Aiello; 3rd, Rick Hood.
Female 50-59 –  1st, Michelle Korkowski; 2nd, Linda Miner; 3rd, Heidi Nesheim.
Male 60-69 – 1st, John Schuyler; 2nd, Marty Towbin; 3rd, John Coffelt.
Female 60-69 –  1st, Tessa Montgomery; 2nd, Suzanne Jordan; 3rd, Suzan Towlen.
Female 70 and over –  1st, Janet Cowan; 2nd, Judy Crews.

Though the race had a healthy turn-out of 170 registered racers, Diehm admits that preparation for the event should have started earlier. “We should have begun planning in May,” said Diehm after the race. “But we had an overwhelmingly great response, so we’re going to try and do it again next year.”

Upon completion of the race, runners and their families were treated to light snacks and drinks before the awards were handed out.

As the crowd slowly dispersed and families made their ways home to prepare for dinner, the Weed Fire Department arrived to help with clean-up.

Before the cold morning dew had even evaporated from the grass, the signs and tents were down and the field was clear, bringing Weed’s first Run for Food race to a close.