Anthony Cardoza
April 21, 1923 – November 7, 2011

Here is a toast to a man who meant a lot to many

Here’s to the man who taught a couple of us to
drive, how to fish and how to hunt. A man who
loved to grow tomatoes and zinnias. A man who
enjoyed a good family barbeque, a roaring fire, a
good stiff drink once in awhile. A man who loved
to create and build; who worked extremely hard.
A man who served his country with honor in the
United States Navy. A man we brought our
children to visit. A man who would accelerate
whenever he saw a dip in the road just to hear a
giggle or who would tug on your ear when he
came home from work. And he’d usually say
huh... what took you so long, as we entered his

At the end of the day who knew that a gruff
exterior of a man had such a tender heart? We
would like to thank Tony for his kindness and the
goodness that he brought to our family.


The Cardoza, Willis and Maraglia Families