Dear Editor,

The new California bill SB1221 does not apply only to hunting dogs. It is clear from the language of the bill that there are no exemptions for your dog in this bill. Double checking with the author has confirmed this.
The dogs affected by the language of the bill will not be just hunting dogs, but also your family dogs, livestock protection dogs, dogs taken camping, fishing etc.

Every farmer who has livestock dogs, every camper whose dog goes after a bear in the middle of the night, every home owner whose dog is in the backyard when a large mammal intrudes will be subject to the same provisions as any hunter in this bill.

The language is clear – any dog. Therefore anyone who owns any dog in California will sensibly oppose this bill.

Please join with us and all the various animal, farm and dog groups – working, breed, hunting, show, service dogs – at the Capitol on Sept. 24 to protect your dog and oppose this bill.

Thank you,
Mary Hammond
Mount Shasta