PremierWest Bank closed its doors permanently in Dunsmuir, Weed, and McCloud Friday. This was part of a bank consolidation effort announced in January. According to a letter sent out at that time, bank customer accounts will be transferred to the surviving branch in Mount Shasta.

Owner PremierWest Bancorp has issued no word on its plans for the bank building in Dunsmuir.

The last day of PremierWest banking business in Dunsmuir saw a trickle of people coming into the branch to say good-bye, and to thank the tellers for their service to the community for the last 11 years.

“Today, it was hard coming in,” said Dunsmuir Operations Supervisor Tonya Belzer. “Everything I do here is for the last time. It feels like I'm actually leaving home.” Belzer said she will continue working for PremierWest. She will report for work at the branch in Mount Shasta Monday.