Locals disgorged thousands of pounds of spare electronics in support of Dunsmuir Elementary School Saturday. Administrators and students met donors at City Hall and helped unload countless televisions, computers, monitors and other equipment.

Sitting in shade provided by a canopy, school superintendent Cindy Rinne said the steady stream of vehicles bearing discards began at 8 a.m. “We get paid ten cents per pound on the TVs and computer monitors,” she said.

She termed the event a community effort, stating, “The city gave us the parking lot, and Benson Roofing let us use their forklift. If we hadn't got the forklift, we would have had to cancel the whole thing.”

Across the parking lot, an ECS Refining employee piloted the forklift up to a row of boxes filled with electronics. “That box there weighs 800 to 900 pounds,” said Dan Lee, pointing to a carton overflowing with heavy, cathode ray tube monitors and televisions. “Our Stockton plant takes in 9 to 10 million pounds a month.”

He said an advance recovery fee added to the price of all electronics sold in California pays for recycling  processing, shipping and labor.