There are a few solid memories I have of my grandparents house growing up. Granny Margaret and Grandpa Scrappy lived just a few blocks away from the elementary school, so every day, Grandpa would meet me at the corner and offer to carry my "packsack" for me.

When we got to the house, Grandma would ask me if I wanted some orange juice (which was really orange Gatorade) and most days, Grandpa would have his little radio on in the kitchen, blasting an afternoon San Francisco Giants game.

At the time, it was all background noise as I proceeded to do my homework or help Grandma with the ironing (which at that time was fascinating work for some peculiar reason.) I didn't care about the Giants or Grandpa's talk about Will Clark's batting average.

I took it for granted that he had one of those troll dolls with crazy orange hair wearing a miniature Giants jersey sitting by the TV. I never saw him go out without his San Francisco Giants hat, black with the intertwined orange S and F, and I probably rolled my eyes when he stopped to talk to a friend at the supermarket about the game the night before.

But today, as the Giants are headed to the World Series for the second time in three seasons, I sure wish Grandpa was here to talk baseball with me.

Every time I tune into a Giants game on my car radio and hear the scratchy voices of the announcers with the sounds of the crowd in the background through those speakers, I think of Grandpa Scrappy, who was probably the biggest Giants fan I've ever met.

Whenever I see a Giant's hat, it's Grandpa's smiling face and bright blue eyes I expect to see underneath it.

I sure wish Grandpa was here to see his favorite team play tonight, almost as bad as I did in 2010 when they brought the trophy home to San Francisco for the first time ever.

Tonight, as my children and I wear our Pablo Sandoval panda and baby giraffe Brandon Belt hats, our Perfect Cain and Fear the Beard shirts and our Tim Lincecum jerseys, I'll think of Grandpa and know he's cheering them on from up above.

Go Giants! :)