Fueled by the success of last year’s season, the internet show “Almost Out of Weed” will premiere their third season today, Oct. 25 at noon, with new episodes airing every Wednesday.

Filled with raunchy and irreverent humor in the style of HBO’s Eastbound and Down, a local group of actors is responsible for the show, including Dustin Wood, Kale and Cory Coppin, Bill Counts and Nicholas Le Guellec. Darren Barbieri, who has guest starred in the locally filmed show in the past will join the main cast this season after returning from a deployment overseas with the Air Force. Also joining the cast is Morgan Barr.

Almost Out of Weed is now being filmed in HD quality, and the cast now has full rights to all their material, including their original theme song.

The show, which Wood describes as a “mockumentary,” is centered around Wood’s character,  Dustin, a clueless aspiring actor who’s desperate to become famous and get out of his hometown.

Wood said the show’s material comes from things that have actually happened to him and his friends in real life, and much of the show is improvisation, with the friends working to make one another laugh.

“I finally have my real life best friend acting with me in season three,” said Wood. “When we are around each other it’s like a mini comedy Olympics to see who can make the other break and we are always trying to top that last joke... I am most proud and excited about this season due to Darren’s involvement.”

He’s also excited to film in High Definition 1080p.

“It’s insane the quality compared to the last two seasons,” Wood said, adding that this season’s episodes will be shorter but packed with funnier situations and references to pop culture.

“This is an internet show, and it’s hard to get people to sit down in front of a computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. And if they do, those 10 minutes better be funny. This season, we’re going all out... we hope people love it. I’ve personally never been prouder or more excited.”

Wood also thanked the town of Weed and its businesses for letting them film on location.

“It’s awesome, because Weed’s almost a character in the show. The town’s the one thing that’s always there for Dustin,” Wood said.

Like Eastbound and Down, Almost Out of Weed contains edgy, adult humor and is not intended for children or those who are easily offended.

You can catch new and past episodes of Almost Out of Weed on three sites, including youtube.com/almostoutofweed; funnyordie.com/almostoutof weed; and facebook.com/almostoutofweed.