Mount Shasta City Fire Department personnel used the jaws of life to extricate a Weed woman whose face was just inches above the water in a drainage ditch alongside the I-5 southbound Lake St. off-ramp.

Mount Shasta City Fire Department personnel used the jaws of life early Thursday evening to extricate a Weed woman from her overturned vehicle in a water-filled drainage ditch alongside the Interstate 5 southbound Lake St. off-ramp.

Ashley Devault, age 30, suffered major injuries and was transported to Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta. She was traveling alone.

Joe Micheletti of the Mount Shasta Area CHP office said Devault was trapped upside down with her face just inches above the water in the ditch.

According to a CHP report, Devault was driving a 1987 Ford Ranger on the off-ramp's sweeping right-hand turn when her left side tires entered the soft dirt shoulder. The CHP said it appeared that she made a sharp turn to the right, lost control, and went across the road in a southwesterly direction. The vehicle rolled several times then went down the west embankment, coming to rest overturned on its roof in the ditch, which is located between the off-ramp and the CHP office.

Devault's vehicle left a trail of broken glass, paint cans, spilled paint, a gas can, and other debris along the off-ramp before it went off the road.

Micheletti said a driver of another vehicle later noticed the debris and flagged down a CHP officer on I-5 to report it. When the officer went to the site,

Devault's screams for help alerted him to the overturned vehicle, which was somewhat obscured from view in the ditch.

Micheletti praised the Fire Department personnel for their efforts in extricating Devault.

As of Friday morning, the CHP reported that it had not yet interviewed Devault. No arrest was made.