In memory of Lee Chan who passed away at her home in the early morning

of Tuesday, October 23, 2012. At her request there will be no memorial

service. The daughter of Carlos Z. Kendrick and Gloria Eileen Morgan,

Judith Lee was born on September 9, 1943. She had a brother, Randy and

two sisters, Debbie and Kim. Lee graduated from the University of

California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She travelled Europe.

Lee and her husband, Rick Chan, complemented each other and had a

remarkably rich relationship that kept them together for over thirty-six

years. Her love of reading and widespread knowledge led her to become a

board member of the Friends of the Library in Dunsmuir and to participate

in literacy programs. Extraordinarily aware, her inquisitive mind and

independent spirit sparked her zest for exploring life. Lee threw herself

whole-heartedly at the projects she needed to sustain her boundless energy.

Her organizational skills were underscored by her drive and determination.

The many facets of her personality reflected her complex nature. Blessed

with a lively sense of humor, Lee was gregarious, genial and fun to be with.

She would readily engage in conversation and could speak intelligently on

virtually any subject. Her candor had a genuine down-to-earth quality that

was disarming. She could be clinical and yet compassionate and comforting.

She was tough as nails but at times totally emotional and fragile. Lee had

integrity and would never hesitate to stand for the truth or to promote

justice. She had a fine sense of what was appropriate. Lee possessed an

unmatched depth of character.

Anyone who has met her knows that they were in the presence of someone

truly special. She is greatly missed.