Guest opinion by Michael Shannon of Weed

I am a native of Weed and for many years I have been involved with programs to help our community. This year I am serving as president of the Weed Revitalization Coalition and I have been a member on the WRC board since its beginning in the late 1990s.

As you may know, our organization has been a major player in bringing to fruition many major projects and programs to the benefit of our local community.

Some of the major accomplishments would be the Abner Weed Centennial Plaza located at City Hall, the Weed Skate Park, and the formation of the Image Committee that led to the creation of Weed Pride.

WRC also has many successful programs for feeding those in need, helping the elderly, and programs for our youth including a meeting place for Cub Scouts.

I am writing in response to last week’s article about the newly formed resource center. I am dismayed by this action when considering the existing Weed Community resource Center located in the Weed Mercantile Mall has been operating successfully for the past eight years.

The WRC inherited the WCRC responsibilities when the board for the Weed Community Center building project disbanded. Since then, the WCRC under the umbrella of the WRC runs all the acquired programs for the young and the old.

Because of its massive size of over 37,000 square feet and three floors, Abner Weed’s historic Weed Mercantile building is a perfect fit for the many programs offered to the public, with many of these programs operating at the same time, on the same day.

I can attest to the fact that this building has had many improvements, has many rooms, and is in great shape. It should be noted – it also houses a dance studio and fitness center.

There is no other building in this city that could house multiple programs at the same time and still meet the legal occupancy loads.

Last year while the programs were in full swing, it was brought to the attention of the owners of the building that a couple of safety issues needed to be addressed.

These issues were not considered life threatening and were resolved in a timely manner. However, during that time, funding was pulled on two programs and was to be re-instated after the safety issues were resolved.

However, funding never returned and I understand this funding was now given to the new group and this action in my opinion, should be considered questionable.

I would like to point out – the WRC board works tirelessly for the benefit of the community and its youth and will continue to do so.

Every program connected to the WRC has been run professionally and each program has been a success. Not once have any of our programs ran in the “red,” and because of the success in overseeing the initial programs, the WRC is now considering adding other programs requested by those in the community.

This organization is working for the community’s best interest, so don’t fall for rumors and innuendos that I am sure are circulating. Feel free to come by and visit, take the tour and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

No one on the WRC board receives gratuities of any type and many members give of their own time by helping with the programs presented.

I would like to point out that no one from the group responsible for forming a new resource center has ever approached the WRC with any reasons for their disapproval of our board overseeing the WCRC programs.

In the best interest of our community and especially for our youth, I ask you to please support the Weed Revitalization Coalition, our Weed Community Resource Center and the programs provided for you by these organizations at the Weed Mercantile Mall.

Also, anyone who wishes to give of their time or wants to join the WRC board, you are welcome. Our community should not be subjected to division and remember – without your support, one day you might drive by and say, “what is that large vacant building at the end of Main Street?”