Seniors Sean Hughes and Tori Hansen received the royal treatment Friday night in Mount Shasta High School's Robert E. Novo Gymnasium after they were named 2014's Carnival Queen and King 2014.

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Seniors Sean Hughes and Tori Hansen received the royal treatment Friday night in Mount Shasta High School's Robert E. Novo Gymnasium after they were named 2014's Carnival Queen and King 2014. Leading up to the announcement and crowning ceremony, athletic director Steve Nesheim introduced all the royalty candidates and read their answers to a questionnaire. If King Sean Hughes went to Hogwarts, he said he'd like to be in Slytherin. He enjoys playing guitar, eating, and doing impersonations of Sean Connery. His favorite season is Season 7 of Seinfeld, and he wishes he were “an Oscar Meyer weiner.” Queen Tori said the Sorting Hat would definitely put her in Gryffindor, and she enjoys playing sports, eating, and being with her family and friends. Her favorite season is Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother... “It's legen – wait for it – dary!” Senior princess Mackenzie Armstrong said she'd be in Hufflepuff, and enjoys golf, tennis, laughing, reading and eating. Her favorite seasoning is nutmeg, because “it's the best seasoning for cookies,” and if she could have one wish come true, it would be that her washing machine would stop eating all her socks. Senior prince Mark Bekstrom said he'd be in Gryffindor and enjoys hanging out with friends, sports and video games. He wishes he was telekinetic, and enjoys summer best, because there's no school and “everyone can hang out.” Senior princess Paige Hough said “only the Sorting Hat knows the answer” to which Hogwarts house she'd be assigned to. She enjoys cheerleading, watching reality shows, baking, spending money and procrastinating. She loves fall, because of the changing weather and colors, and she loves wearing comfy sweaters and boots. Senior prince Wesley Navarre enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, and playing hockey and soccer. He enjoys summer, “because there are so many things to do outside and, obviously, no school.” Senior princess Katie Reinig said she'd definitely not be in Hufflepuff. She enjoys hanging out with friends, eating, hiking, and procrastinating with Tori. Her favorite seasoning is cayenne pepper, because she likes her food spicy. Senior prince Daylon Blakely enjoys sports and video games, and his favorite season is basketball season. If he had one wish come true, it would be for more wishes, “for obvious reasons.” Junior princess Yasmin Rodriguez enjoys speed walking and “competitive yelling.” If she could have one wish, it would be for more wishes. She would be in Slytherin so she could play Quidditch, but instead of a broom she'd fly on a Swiffer. Junior prince Zach Garland enjoys “chillin,” and would wish for the car of his dreams. He enjoys winter because “all the girls are on the prowl for a cuddly buddy.” Junior princess Madeleine Moyer enjoys watching movies and fangirling. If she had one wish, it would have something to do with Robert Downey, Jr. She believes she'd be put in Slytherin and likes winter best because of Christmas, but only when there's snow. Junior prince Morgan Owens enjoys disc golfing, traveling and doing donuts on the road. He said he'd be in Gryffindor “because I'm Ron's little brother” and enjoys summer best because “you do what you want when you want.” Sophomore princess Cinthia Castro enjoys cheerleading, shopping and hanging out with her friends. She would wish for “indefinite wishes to make wishful wishes to wish for wishes that I wish for with my wishes that I wish for instead of just one wish.” She likes summer because she likes to swim, there's no school and she likes summer clothes best. The Sorting Hat would put her in Slytherin. Sophomore prince Tanner Hurd enjoys riding zambonis and cricket. He enjoys summer because he likes to sleep in and the Sorting Hat would put him in Ravenclaw. Freshman princess Kacey Cain would also be in Ravenclaw. She enjoys reading, playing sports, sleeping, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys winter because of the snow and if she had one wish, she wouldn't wish for anything because she's happy with everything she has. Freshman prince Alex Urbano enjoys basketball and football and would wish to be successful in life. He likes the warm weather of summer and would be in Gryffindor.