Love in Action volunteers have been hard at work preparing a temporary transition home, hopefully to be used for individuals and families needing temporary residence according to Pastor Dionne Salmonds from Crossroads Community Church. Crossroads has been serving as a central point of contact for Love in Action, and Salmonds said the plan is for the house to be used for temporary housing for “people committed to life change who need time to get their feet under them,” such as being between residences.

On Saturday, volunteers worked on cleaning up the yard, paint work and trim work, getting trim caulked and ready to be painted, and installing blinds and fixtures. Drywall and new tile were installed previously.

Virtually all work has been done by volunteers according to Salmonds. Yet to do is more painting and getting bathroom fixtures installed. Salmonds estimates “a couple of months of work remaining to do.”

Anyone who wants to donate time or money to Love in Action should contact Crossroads at 760-384-3333.