In light of the concerns related to Senate Bill 54 and in an effort to provide Kern County residents with factual information regarding the types of individuals that would be released into our community if immigration authorities are not allowed in our jail as would be mandated by SB 54, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office is providing the following information related to our current practice of allowing local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents into Kern County jail facilities in order to perform their official duties:

In April 2017, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office notified ICE of 37 inmates pending release from custody. ICE detained 28 of these individuals upon release from Sheriff’s Office Custody. The other 9 were released and not taken into ICE custody.

For the current year 2017, ICE has been notified of 141 inmates pending release and has detained 117 upon release. In 2016, ICE was notified of 320 inmates pending release and detained 309 at the time of release.

All but two of the 37 inmates released in April of 2017 had a prior arrest history, current felony charges, or prior deportation orders. The two without prior arrest history were both very young (20 and 23 respectively) however, they were both facing serious felony charges as first time offenses. The charges for the 20 year old included- DUI Alcohol/Drugs causing bodily injury, hit and run resulting in injury, and possession of controlled substance. The charges for the 23 year old included-Transport/Sell narcotics, possession of controlled substance, transport controlled substance, and possession of controlled substance for sale.

The following is a sample of the charges and criminal history of ten individuals released from KCSO custody and subsequently detained by ICE in April 2017:

Inmate 1 Current Arrest – felony drunk driving causing great bodily injury; Prior Arrests – Give false information to peace officer.

Inmate 2 Current Arrest – felony take vehicle without owner's consent; Prior Arrest – second degree burglary; receive known stolen property; grand theft; conspiracy to commit a crime; battery on person; resist arrest; prevent/dissuade witness from reporting crime; attempt escape county facility; California Youth Authority Parole Hold; under the influence of a controlled substance.

Inmate 3 Current Arrest – felony assault with a deadly weapon; threaten with intent to terrorize; Prior Arrests – give false information to peace officer; under the influence of controlled substance; driving without a license; drunk driving; possession of stolen property; take vehicle without owner’s consent; possession of stolen vehicle.

Inmate 4 Current Arrest – felony transport/sell controlled substance; possession of controlled substance for sale; Prior Arrest – possession of controlled substance; drive without a license; forge/alter vehicle registration.

Inmate 5 Current Arrest – Warrant for resisting arrest, refuse to leave property, disorderly conduct drunk, assault on peace officer, petty theft; Prior Arrest – inflict injury on spouse; disturb peace by loud/unreasonable noise; assault on peace officer; disorderly conduct drunk; Illegal entry.

Inmate 6 Current Arrest – Warrant for willful cruelty to child, drunk driving, driving without a license; Prior Arrest – Drive without a license; drunk driving; Arrestee has been arrested in three separate counties for drunk driving.

Inmate 7 Current Arrest – felony domestic violence, assault with deadly weapon, false imprisonment; Prior Arrest – possession switch blade knife; assault and battery; petty theft; drive without a license; drunk driving; exceed speed on highway; illegal entry twice.

Inmate 8 Current Arrest – drive without a license; failure to appear; Prior Arrest – possession of a controlled substance; drive without a license; drunk driving; assault with a deadly weapon to cause great bodily injury; resisting arrest; battery on peace officer; felony resisting executive officer; battery on person; hit and run resulting in property damage.

Inmate 9 Current Arrest – conspire to commit a crime; receive known stolen property; evading peace officer; Prior arrest – drunk driving five times; drive without a license; disorderly conduct drunk; trespassing; resist arrest; false information to peace officer; hit and run with property damage; Illegal entry.

Inmate 10 Current Arrest – drunk driving; drunk driving six prior times; false identification to peace officer; possession of destructive device; possession of loaded firearm; petty theft; possession of controlled substance; parole hold; illegal entry.