McCloud will soon have 10 culinary choices in town, along with many vacation rentals and Bed & Breakfasts and more than 15 events scheduled, starting with the Mushroom Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

As the tourist season arrives, four new restaurants are opening this month in McCloud.

The south county town will now have 10 culinary choices, many vacation rentals and Bed & Breakfasts and more than 15 events scheduled, starting with the Mushroom Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

In the corner of the Mercantile on Main Street, the White Mountain Cafe opened last Wednesday with new owners and a new menu. From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. they are serving breakfast and lunch anytime, seven days a week.

They have dishes named Tree Hugger, Train Wreck and Hot Mess along with classic breakfasts, traditional lunches and a special every day for seniors.

White Mountain Cafe owners Karline and Eric Niver have a second home in McCloud and 35 years in the restaurant business in Redding with Deja Vu and Girondas.

“It isn’t hard to leave Redding. Our long-term plan is to permanently retire in McCloud,” said Karline. “Both my restaurants in Redding are crazy busy, but I have a great staff with my son Woody and my daughter Annie running the Redding restaurants. It makes it easy for me to have the White Mountain Cafe here in McCloud. It is a family gig.”

Are they worried about the competition with Kyody Coffee having two locations for breakfast and lunch along with the other restaurants in town? Karline said she is not worried at all. “There is definitely room for all of us. It will make McCloud more of a destination place with people coming from out of town to try the different cuisines. We will be offering mimosas and manosas (made with Blue Moon and OJ) for men.”

Trying out the White Mountain Cafe on opening day was Cindy Rosmann and her husband Gary Bostwick who own the McCloud Hotel and the Sage Restaurant. “We are delighted that guests at our hotel have more dining options in McCloud,” said Rosmann. “I think all the restaurants are filling a particular nitch.”

Also in the Mercantile is the restaurant, McCloud Meat Market and Tavern, that will be opening soon. Proprietor Carol Zacher says, “We are aiming to open the weekend of the Mushroom Festival at the end of the month. We chose this name because this was originally the meat locker in the 1800s and the old racks are still here.”

At the top of Main Street in the old Raymond’s Restaurant building on the corner of Main and Colombero is the Old Mill Distillery that is also opening this month. The Old Mill Distillery will cater to the dinner crowd, specializing in barbecue.

What has always been referred to as The Lodge on the other side of Highway 89 is going to open next week for dinner as The Shasta View Grill. The original owners, Scott Remley and Aubrey Hagberg, are going back to what they love – serving dinners.

“It will be like it was six years ago when we had it back then: steak, pasta, burgers, seafood and Italian dishes,” said Remley.

Hagberg said, “For those who loved the old River Grill and Bar, we would like to welcome everyone back to The Shasta View Grill.”

Cindy Miller of Kyody Coffee says, “I think it is awesome that we will have more dinner choices than any town in southern Siskiyou County. Now we have both – lots of places to stay and places to eat as well.”

For information on the restaurants of McCloud, contact the McCloud Chamber of Commerce at or call (530) 964-3113.