With student-created lesson plans by Mount Shasta High School’s Advanced Placement Science students and their teacher Donna Chapman, Sisson School’s fifth graders participated in an afternoon of hands-on scientific investigations earlier this month.

The lessons were based on many California fifth grade state standards, said fifth grade teacher Cheryl Hansen-Pigoni. The lessons included rat and pig comparison dissection, a ladybug behavior lab, a cell membrane bubble lab, a DNA extraction lab, and a pond water lab.

“Science enthusiastically came alive in that science lab,” said Hansen-Pigoni. “Mrs. Chapman and I were so proud of all of our young scientists.”

When fifth grader Colter Cohen was asked how he liked the lab in which he participated, he said, “I was born to dissect. I got to do it in fifth grade, and my mom got to do it in high school.”

“I never knew how interesting lady bugs were until today,” said fifth grader Mia Beauchene.

“I'm so impressed with how smart these kids are,” said high school senior Marisa Melo. “They can identify so many of the pig and rat organs and bone names.”