Three days of workshops, music, vendors, food and celebration planned at Mt. Shasta City Park

The Best of Mt. Shasta Conference & Festival scheduled for July 21, 22 and 23 will offer three full days of conference workshops, evening events and an outdoor festival with music, food, vendors, performances, wellness activities and celebration at Mt. Shasta City Park.

Workshops and evening events have a new theme each day including Native Healing, Spirit & Spirituality, Health & Wellness and Our Environment. After the workshops guests can find the presenters at their outdoor vendor space.

The Best of Mt Shasta (see schedule below) is put on by the Hayehwatha Institute, a nonprofit educational organization located in Mount Shasta. For more information visit or send email to: or call 530-408-6048.

The Institute thanks the following sponsors “who provided the financial jump-start to create The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival this year: Sabrina, Berryvale Grocery; Blake Sinclair, Beyond Imagination; Dorian Aiello; Kathryn Shanti Ariel, Earthwise Institute; Wende Knight, Pages; Catherine and Bruce Vergeer, Soul Connections; Beverly Ann Wilson, The Crystal Room; Lesa Michel, of The Gallery in Mt Shasta.”

Appreciated for their contributions to the Festival’s planning committee are: Allou Guthmiller, Andrée Morgana, Bennett Gale, Candace Martin, Carla Charraga, Douglas Melloy, Greg Messer, Jessica Bowman, Joyce Smith, Kathryn Shanti Ariel, Linda Held, Linda Ost, Noble Fred, Ophelia, Patrice Thiessen, Peter Osterhaus, Sandy Patterson, Son’Yah (Alisha Kaiser), Ted Dawson, Therese Swenson.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, July 21

‘Native Healing’

10 a.m. – Opening Ceremony with Walking Eagle (Jack Thom Sr.); and Earth Circle Drum.

11 a.m. – Miguel Mesa, “Sacred Sound Healing.”

Noon – Lunch in the park; Jack Falls-Rock, Native Ceremony.

1 p.m. – Ted Dawson, “Whole Herbs for Whole Health.”

2 p.m. – Carla Charraga, “Mexican Indigenous Healing Journey.”

2 p.m. – Walking Backwards (Frank Thom) and Ron Griffman, “Karuk Singing and Drumming.”

3 p.m. – Linda Held, “Moving Through These Times.”

4 p.m. – Sage Trucano, “Mayan Traditional Healing.”

5 p.m. – Oatzi’nu She’e’la’ke’e’, “Curanderismo Healing Methods.”

Evening Event

7 p.m. – Beverly Ann Wilson, “Crystal Singing Bowls, This is Your Now.”

Saturday, July 22

‘Spirit & Spirituality’

9 a.m. – Bennett Gale, “Sacred Inner Theatre.”

10 a.m. – Son’Yah (Alisha Kaiser), “A Living Light Language.”

11 a.m. – Ophelia, “Finding Your Power.”

Noon – Lunch in the park; Music at the gazebo.

1 p.m. – Michael Aiello, “Under The Mountain’s Influence.”

2 p.m. – Allou Guthmiller, “Personal Guidance: Past, Present, Future.”

3 p.m. – Kathryn Shanti Ariel, “Conscious Communication with Nature.”

4 p.m. – Douglas Melloy, “Opening To The Realness Of God.”

5 p.m. – Sandra Winslow, “You Are A Creative Genius.”

Evening Banquet – Begins at 6 p.m. with a catered dinner. Plus a locals’ raffle and Q&A session with event presenters.

Sunday, July 23

‘Health & Wellness, Our Environment’

9 a.m. – Patrice Thiessen, “Qi Gong Healing Circle.”

10 a.m. – Ruth Peddinghaus, “Family Farming, Home Remedies.”

10 a.m. – Dan Kuhn and Kristen Lougheed, “Co-Creating Happiness.”

11 a.m. – Sandy Patterson, “How To Make A Natural First Aid Kit.”

Noon – Lunch in the park; Music at the gazebo.

1 p.m. – Asara Adams, “Save The Planet: Highly Effective Solutions.”

1 p.m. – Diana Donaldson, “Quantum Forgiveness, Quantum Biofeedback.”

2 p.m. – Camille Moritz, “Heaven On Earth, Just For Being.”

3 p.m. – John Effland, “Vibrational Vitality.”

4 p.m. – Erin Burch, “Listening to the Language of Sensations.”

4 p.m. – Linda Ost, “Become a Nutrition Gardener.”

Evening Events

6:30 p.m. – Andrée Morgana, “Meditation: Our Universe & Beyond.”

8:30 p.m. – Della Clark, “An Experience of Oneness With All That Is.”