Glasses can be dropped off in the Astronomers Without Borders Box at Raven Tree in the Ray's Shopping Center in Mount Shasta through the end of September.

Mount Shasta resident Melinda Willey and Raven Tree owner Kendra Bainbridge have teamed up to get used eclipse glasses from the Mt. Shasta area to Astronomers Without Borders.

From now through the end of September, you can drop off your glasses in the Astronomers Without Borders Box at Raven Tree in the Ray’s Shopping Center in Mount Shasta.

The Roseville Utility Exploration Center, as a member of the Association of Science – Technology Centers, is collecting and donating eclipse glasses so that Astronomers Without Borders can redistribute them to schools in Asia and South America, where solar eclipses will be visible in 2019.

This past Monday, eclipse glasses were donated at the School CAFE table at the Farmer’s Market and, along with others donated since the eclipse, the first batch of donations is being delivered to The Exploration Center in Roseville this week by Melinda.

“Raven Tree is the perfect place to recycle the glasses, as they were the one’s giving out free eclipse kits for the kids, as well as in selling the original glasses here in Mount Shasta,” according to Willey.

“It’s coming full circle, with the glasses now going back to them and then on to help more kids around the world watch their eclipse safely too through the Astronomers Without Borders program,” she said.