A group of volunteers filled 138 grocery bags with donated, shelf-stable food for three meals the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at Mount Shasta City Park. On Thanksgiving, the bags would be topped off with fresh produce and distributed to people in need from the Community Center and delivered to those homebound.

Volunteers were: Alicia Merlady Bonnet, Allison Blaire, Andrew Oser, Anne McTavish, Anne Skadsen, Betty Kreeger, Carmen Kinch, Carol Whitney, Carolyn Real, Catherine Brown, Chantal Langenfeld, Cindy Lawhon, Dale Stanley, David Silverstein, Debbie Lewis, Elaine Beckmann, Heidi Tzortzis, Janet Zalewski, Jim Gaeddert, Julie Cassidy, Karen Aldous, Leslie Tift, Linda M Smith, Linda Ryan, Lynne Jones, Marci Goldpaint, Marijane Derby, Patty Morris, Rebeca Franco, Tom Morris, Tom O’Brien, William Croft.