The community is invited to get involved in the Siskiyou Science Festival downtown event scheduled for May 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in downtown Mount Shasta. Businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations, teachers, service groups, and community members may become exhibitors or volunteers.

Exhibitors will host a booth during the all-day event, providing a science-based activity. Individuals may volunteer to help with the different activities. The theme of the event is “Science is Everywhere.”

“Everything in our lives involves science. This is an opportunity to celebrate science as a vital local force – as important to our culture as it is to education and the economy,” said Science Festival Executive Director Jean Nels.

During the Science Festival week, May 15 to 20, there will be science-themed performances, demonstrations, tours, and family-oriented science entertainment. The event will serve as a way for the region’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math resources to come together through fun and interactive experiences.

According to Nels, “There are many benefits for everyone by becoming a part of the Siskiyou Science Festival. Participating in the Festival Day on May 19 will give businesses and organizations a wonderful opportunity to show how they use science in what they do. This will increase people’s understanding of that business and provide the opportunity for better relationships.

“The festival activities will also help young people understand that science is fun, exciting and important, encouraging them to pursue careers in science. Parents will feel more confident about supporting their kids’ interests in science, as they become more aware of how ‘science is everywhere.’ In addition, the entertaining activities will help enhance community vitality in our rural area,” said Nels.

The Siskiyou Science Festival all-day event is free to the public. Exhibitors must submit an application, available online at by April 2.

The Siskiyou Science Festival website offers tips for creating highly interactive booths as well as information about booths and the event. Anyone considering creating a booth is welcome to contact the event programming committee to discuss and refine their idea before submitting the application.

Community members can also volunteer to share their excitement and experience with science through pre-designed booths by working in partnership with the programming committee. Two training opportunities in April will be provided for volunteers to prepare.

Volunteers can sign up online at where they can indicate their interest in helping at the in-school activity days or at the downtown festival.

Festival week will include activities at Mount Shasta Elementary School and Sisson School, evening presentations at Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, tours, and the downtown festival.

To learn more as the Festival develops, follow on Facebook at Siskiyou Science Festival or visit