Siskiyou County held its 24th annual Firefighter of the Year Awards Dinner Saturday, March 3, 2018, at Yreka’s Community Center.

Dignitaries attending included:

Erin Ryan, from the office of Doug LaMalfa, US Congressmen;

Bruce Ross, from the office of Assembly Member Brian Dahle;

County Supervisors Brandon Criss, Ray Haupt, Michael Kobseff, Lisa Nixon, and Ed Valenzuela;

County Fire Warden Phil Anzo, County Chaplain Keith Bradley, Klamath National Forest Chief Patty Grantham and Deputy Forest Fire Chief Mike Appling;

Honored as Firefighters of the Year were: Brady Carlson of the Dunsmuir Fire Department, Sam Gonzalez of Hammond Ranch Fire Department, Chris Wilson of Happy Camp Fire Department, Steve Poling of Scott Valley Fire Department, Lindsay Jackson of South Yreka Fire Department, John Collins of Weed Fire Department, and Joe Suter of Yreka Fire Department.

Chief Mary Cameron was recognized for her "20 years of vigilance, service and dedication as the Mt. Shasta Vista Fire Company Chief and as an active member of the Siskiyou County Fire Chiefs Association."