Our county swim meet held on Wednesday, July 26th, at the Weed Pool, showed all the hard work from the swimmers this summer and dedication by the coaching staff to get the swimmers prepared and ready for this great event.

This was the first time in over 12 years this team – South Siskiyou Shooting Stars – took home the County Trophy. The team would not have been able to do so well if it was not for the hard work and dedication of our Board: Lisa Morris, Barb Richards, Bernie Centeno, Rose Wooldridge, and Sherri Degraffenreid. The team is coached by the following individuals of adults and junior coaches:

Head Coach: Rich Viturino

Assistant Coaches: Juliette Charter and Spenser Stenmark

Age Group Coaches: Jenn Carr, Eileen Renger, and Amy Redelsperger

Junior Coaches: Sydney Scott, Elli Miller, Rhian Viturino, Braden Richards, MiaMichelle Morris, and Seth Charter.

County meet overall points

South Siskiyou Swim Team 736.5

Scott Valley Swim Team 730.5

South Siskiyou High Points

8-under Girls

Kaley Lanier placed 3rd overall

Alia Carr placed 4th overall

8-under Boys

Malakai Wemmer placed 1st overall with 40 points

Trevor Lanier placed 3rd overall

9-10 Girls

Jasmine Centeno placed 3rd overall

Kenna Viturino placed 4th overall

9-10 Boys

David Rivera placed 2nd overall

Aidan Rhodes placed 3rd overall

Andrew Hill placed 4th overall

11-12 Girls

MiaMichelle Morris placed 2nd overall

Ella De La Torre placed 3rd overall

11-12 Boys

Seth Charter placed 3rd overall

Patrick Hill placed 4th overall

13-14 Girls

Rhian Viturino placed 2nd overall

13-14 Boys

Asher Aguirre placed 3rd overall

Braden Richards placed 4th overall

15-16 Girls

Olivia Flanagan 3rd place overall

15-16 Boys

Finn Walsh placed 3rd overall

17-18 Girls

Sydney Scott placed first overall

17-18 Boys

Zane Hilsenberg placed first overall

North Valley Aquatic League

Results of the NVALs (North Valley Aquatic League), which were held at West Valley High School on July 28-30:

South Siskiyou took 17 swimmers to compete in this event that took place in Cottonwood, CA. The largest squad to be selected since I have taken over as Head Coach. With a wide range of age-group swimmers placing in specific events, all the swimmers this weekend dropped drastic amounts of time, showed and competed with all their hearts and had a great time. It showed our coaching staff and Board a Bright Future ahead of us with this program.

The following swimmers competed in NVALs and are listed by age:

Olivia Flanagan 15

Braden Richards 13

Rhian Viturino 13

Seth Charter 12

Patrick Hill 12

MiaMichelle Morris 12

Alex Degraffenreid 11

Kenna Viturino 10

Andrew Hill 10

Daniel Richards 9

Jasmine Centeno 9

Laila Borgen 8

Alia Carr 8

Emma Degraffenreid 8

Kaley Lanier 8

Malakai Wemmer 8

Lucy Borgen 7