High school ski and snowboard racers from Mount Shasta and Weed are scheduled to compete this week in the California Nevada Ski and Snowboard Federation’s 2018 state championships at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

The championships are scheduled to begin with Ski Giant Slalom on March 5, followed by Ski Slalom on March 6, Snowboard GS on March 7, and Snowboard Dual Slalom on March 8.

South Siskiyou’s state qualifiers are:

Women’s Ski

Mount Shasta – Carter Chase, Zoe Malee, Sydney Hillary, Tealia Nuti, Natali Haugen, Katie Heikura.

Men’s Ski

Mount Shasta – Ian Anderson, Mitchell Savarese, Ross Winters, Will Winters, Zach Hoskins, Gunnar Honour, Avery May, Brady Richards.

Women’s Snowboard

Weed – Violet Carter.

Mount Shasta – Tate Harkness, Sarah Doyle, Angelina Howell, Linnea Lynch.

Men’s Snowboard

Weed – Kyle Matheson, Jake Lee, Clifford Owen

Mount Shasta – Ethan Weaver, JT Kennedy, Jack Borden.

Carter Chase finished No. 1 on the All-North Division team for girls skiing, and Zoe Malee was No. 3.

Ian Anderson was No. 1 on the boys ski All-North Division team, Mitchell Savarese was No. 5, Zach Hoskins No. 7, and Will Winters No. 10.

Tate Harkness was No. 2 on the girls snowboard All-Division team, Violet Carter No. 6, Sarah Doyle No. 7, and Jillian Asbe of Mount Shasta No. 8.

Kyle Matheson was No. 3 on the boys snowboard All-Division team and Ethan Weaver No. 7.

The North Division includes racers from Mount Shasta and Weed; Enterprise, Foothill and Shasta of Redding; and Red Bluff.

Mount Shasta finished a close second to Shasta in the Combined Ski/Snowboard division championship race.

Mount Shasta placed first in ski team competition.

In all, 75 racers from the North Division qualified for the state championships.