Dear Editor,
Wow – so much angst eliciting from a relatively tame July 4 parade entrant whose main distinction was an elevated throne room seat with a likeness of our current CIC prominently caricatured and a sign identifying their group.
No costumes, no flash and no animation — just an assembly of like-minded, law abiding, middle aged adults who volunteered on this day to march in solidarity as a group sharing in common a devotion to their country and pride for their contribution to it in their younger days. What could be more patriotic?
Just another opinion but I wouldn’t label their participation in the parade “in your face” politics nor can I see how such a quiet and somber group could affect the income of any of the businesses in Mount Shasta unless it brings even more consumers into town next year due to all the publicity.
Possibly the group could have made a similar statement by identifying themselves as Vets for Peace and opted to leave the caricature behind which may not have amused as many people but would probably not have offended the sensibilities of others as much either.
After reading all the editorials written in the last two weeks following the July 4 parade, I was struck by the representations in our small community that express the same extreme political polarity we have on a much larger scale nationwide.
Many of us are, I think, hopeful that some day the self-righteous pronouncements and character bashings from both sides will be replaced by constructive dialogue — in spite of the fact that doing so would reinvent politics as we now know it.
My long term enduring wish is for cool heads to be lauded and always prevail. USMC 1965-1967.
LCpl. Tom Johnson