Fourteen year-old high school freshman, Breyonna Gaines of McCloud was recently nominated to attend the National Leadership Forum on Medicine in the summer of 2009.
Breyonna, who attends Mount Shasta High School, was nominated for the honor by her biology teacher Jim Bauer, who selected her based on her academic excellence, leadership potential, and interest in a career in medicine.
“I am impressed by her intuitiveness and her initiative,” said Bauer. “She is a very personable, sincere, warm individual, and has a lot of character. These are the kind of people that we need to dedicate their lives to health services.”
The NLFM/MED introduces outstanding high school students to the world of medicine. This 10-day program introduces students to professionals from some of the nation’s top medical centers and faculty from renowned institutions of learning.
With close cooperation from prestigious and technologically-advanced hospitals, research facilities and medical schools, the Forum challenges students to learn about a broad range of topics including educational requirements, career options, clinical practice and complex ethical and legal issues facing the medical profession today.
Students discuss global epidemics, cures for life-threatening diseases, life as a resident, medical specialties and primary care with current physicians and patients.
“I am so excited,” said Breyonna, “I really hope I get to go, it’s a once in a lifetime chance. I love going to the hospitals and seeing those people, and how they help others.”
“She definitely has her sights set on the medical field and is determined to be a part of it in the future,” said her grandmother.
“I am particularly aware of her interest in pursuing medicine as a career,” said McCloud Healthcare Clinic Physician Assistant-Certified Denis Hentrich. “I am a preceptor for the UC Davis Physician Assistant Education Program and actively involved in teaching at this time. During Breyonna’s visits with me she inevitably asks questions which reveal her fascination with and passion for learning medicine. In my estimation, she has the natural inclination, intelligence and capacity necessary to be a fine physician.”
The tuition for the program is in the neighborhood of $3,000. Of that, $450 is to be paid by Dec. 12, 2008. The balance is to be sent to the foundation 30 days before she goes, in June or July, 2009.
“I have already raised a little over $300 from working during the summer, and my parents and other friends have donated some money,” Breyonna said.
Hentrich said, “I hope the community will join us in contributing financial support to allow this excellent candidate to attend the seminar she has been invited to.”
A donation in any amount would be appreciated and can be dropped off in Breyonna’s name at the McCloud Clinic, located at 116 West Minnesota  Avenue, or mailed to McCloud Healthcare Clinic,  PO Box 1143, McCloud Ca.  96057.
Hentrich says if anyone would like more information “regarding the qualities and qualifications of this candidate, please do not hesitate to contact me.”  (530) 964-2389.