Several teachers attended the Weed Union Elementary School District board meeting on Nov. 17 to comment on the proposed recognition programs that were scheduled for approval.
The teachers came in support of the programs, but requested they be able to have input and share their ideas on the design and implementation. The board decided to postpone approval of three of the recognition programs to give Principal Tag Pimentel and the teachers time to collaborate. The Attendance Counts recognition program was approved as written with no objections from the teachers. 
Superintendent Gary Lampella spoke about Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed $2.5 billion budget cut that affects education. For Weed Elementary, this could mean a $300 loss per ADA (average daily attendance) and a loss in the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). In a phone interview after the meeting, Lampella explained that if this happens the districts will have to take action. The total estimated amount of lost revenue for Weed Elementary could be around $100,000. The county will still receive the Forest Reserve money, but the amount this year will be about 90% of 2007’s amount, and the formula determining how the money is divided between schools still needs to be determined.   
At the beginning of the meeting, Lampella honored volleyball coach Sandy Robles with a certificate and “cub power cheer” for developing positive attitudes, skills, and habits in the athletes on her team.
Other items covered Monday night were:
• The 1st Quarter Performance Report showed percentages of students who are proficient, basic or below basic in Math and language in the first quarter of this school year.  There was discussion about what circumstances may have had a positive or negative effect on the scores. Kudos went to school secretary Debbie Moser for her hard work updating and revising it.
• Gifted And Talented Education Coordinator Karen Mazzei explained the activities and plan for students in the GATE program.  Discussion between Mazzei, teachers and board members about the present in-class and extracurricular activities for GATE students, how they were being challenged, how GATE monies are being spent, and possible activities in the future.
The next board of trustees meeting, the annual organization meeting, is scheduled for Dec. 15.