Dear Editor,
It seems that in this day and age it has become common to play the blame game when it comes to personal responsibility. Whether it is actions of our own or actions committed by our children or our animals, certain portions of our society want to point their fingers in other directions.
I read in this paper almost weekly about dog poop in the park, or complaints about dogs being targeted by property and land owners, or by police.
Pet owners think that it is ok to let their dogs roam free, poop in other people’s yards or in the city park, and chase other people’s livestock while the rest of the law abiding society are supposed to just put up with it, without complaint or disdain.
There are very stringent laws in place that state that certain animals, especially dogs, are not to be allowed to run free, yet I see them everywhere, without their owners, wandering about.
I cannot count the several times I have had to pick up my garbage and cans, clean up poop from my yard, or listen to barking in the middle of the night, all from other people’s dogs.
Although domesticated, a dog is an animal and their behavior is unpredictable. That is why it is the pet owners’ responsibility to ensure that their pets and other people are safe and that their animals are not roaming free, avoiding the risk of them getting hit by a car or getting shot by a farmer.
Picking up our own dogs poop, especially in a public park where children and people hang out is not just common courtesy, but a pet owners responsibility as well.
As pet owners we owe it to them to be responsible and make sure that they are safe and happy. If we cannot provide that environment then we do not deserve nor do we have any business being pet owners.
Rachell Caldwell
Mount Shasta