The art of communicating with another individual is truly an art. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. Non-verbal communication occurs by the look we see on a person’s face! All people communicate in some way. Some people are private individuals who withdraw within themselves and find it hard to express what they think. Other people are outgoing, talkative people, who enjoy communicating with other people. I think it depends on whether the person is an extrovert or introvert, but both communicate.
It seems to me America is in such trying times. We must work on our communication skills so we can solve the many problems we are facing in our economy and our lack of morals, ethics, work ethics, worth ethics, and understanding. Is it worth ethics that makes drugs a necessity to people in America? Is it the lack of love breaking families apart, never to communicate again? What lack of education through home and school makes people lack a desire to be productive in society?  
I like the definition that “communication can be perceived as a two-way process in which an exchange and progression of thoughts, and facts or ideas are exchanged and achieved toward a mutually accepted goal or direction.” To me, if only one person makes decisions on a goal or direction, communication has not been achieved, wouldn’t you agree? If you ask a person a question and receive, ”I don’t know”, it makes you feel like you are not communicating. You want an answer and some feedback, right? If you ask a person a question and don’t get any response, that also is not communicating. There is no mutual respect present. We expect to be heard and responded to. Every person alive desires to communicate and “does” want to be heard.
Communication takes place through our auditory means such as speaking, tone of voice, or singing. Nonverbal communication is achieved through body language, sign language, paralanguage, eye contact, or writing. It is a process of intrapersonal skills and interpersonal processes such as speaking, listening, observing, questioning analyzing, and evaluating. It is developmental and transfers to all areas of our lives: home school, community, work, and beyond.
Here are some interesting facts based on research in face-to-face communication.  55% of impact is determined by body language, posture, and eye contact, 38 % by the tone of voice, and 7% by the content or the words used in the communication process. I really notice those factors when I am communicating with other human being. If the person won’t look me in the eye, it makes me think he or she has something to hide. In some other cultures, you are not to look directly in the eyes. To me, the eyes are a look into a person’s soul! When we communicate we use all these factors to draw conclusions about the person we are communicating with.
Telegraphy is another way we communicate. Signals travel from person to person by alternative mean, directly without body language, voice tonality or word. This happened to me during my doctor visit in Red Bluff. I had a strong feeling the doctor had vaginal cancer. I called her office and asked. The receptionist said I was right. Sometimes we know.
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