Dear Editor,
I belong to a small group of pet owners and animal handlers which is exploring if and how emergency after hours veterinary care might be instituted here in Siskiyou County.
While it was available in past years now it is only offered in Redding and Medford and we are asking the public and care providers for ideas that might bring this type of care back to our area.
Like most people with pets I have witnessed first hand how busy our local vet offices are. Personally, I can’t imagine working such a pressure-filled day and then being on call at night. That seems too much to even consider.
On the flip side of the coin it’s hard to picture an emergency-only clinic being able to support itself here in our county. All we’d have to do is compare our population with Redding or Medford to realize the (un)economics of the scenario.
So we’re trying to find the middle ground. Is there anything between these two situations to achieve care for seriously injured or painfully ill pets during the nighttime and on Sundays?
The purpose of this letter is to ask readers for their suggestions. Our group is small and quite unofficial — no regular meetings, no minutes, no officers. We only exist to solve this one problem.
It’s not about demanding more from already overworked offices, it’s about owners themselves becoming involved and seeking answers. We’re already in touch with the vet offices and suggestions are being brought to our attention.
We are asking for public input. Please e-mail any ideas you have to or call me at 938-0385.
Thank you,
Bruce Batchelder