While all birthdays are special, there is something particularly momentous about turning 100.  For Weed resident Emily Hilliard that day will be next Sunday.
Hilliard, a resident of Weed since 1943, first moved to the area from Brookhaven, Mississippi, when her late-husband Grover got a job with the Long-Bell Lumber Company.
“I still love Weed after all of these years,” said Hilliard, who noted that she has always preferred the relaxed pace of small town life. “There’s just too much traffic for me in the city.”
Hilliard grew up in a farm family and is the oldest of 12 children. “I’ve worked hard all of my life, ploughing horses and mules back in Mississippi,” she said, in part attributing her longevity to her hard working ways.
She also noted her religious faith as part of what has helped sustained her.  “All my help was from God and Jesus Christ,” she said.  
Hilliard worked for many years at Hotel Dunsmuir and regularly attended the Mt. Shasta Baptist Church in Weed. 
She said she has always enjoyed quilting, going for walks and the company of others. 
“My mother has also always been a people person,” said her daughter Mary Hilliard Harrison.
When asked if there was a special diet that kept her fit, Hilliard admitted, “I’ll eat just about anything.”
Hilliard lives in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Weed and is surrounded by many friends and family members.