Korey Charles Seago, the 19 year-old Mount Shasta man who was arrested last month under suspicion of impersonating a police officer, withheld a plea at his arraignment at the Siskiyou County Courthouse in Yreka on Wednesday.
Seago is being charged with a total of 15 felony counts, including seven counts of impersonation of a public officer, seven counts of false imprisonment and a single count of carrying a loaded firearm in a public place, said Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus. On two of the occasions, Seago is charged with the special allegation of being armed with a firearm.
Seago is also charged with misdemeanor DUI with a BAC of .15% or higher.
Seago was arrested at approximately 4 a.m. on the morning of April 22 after a Mount Shasta woman reported having been pulled over on North Mount Shasta Boulevard by a very young looking individual in an unmarked dark pick-up truck with flashing lights in the window.
After her interaction with the young man, the victim stated she was doubtful that he was an officer at all, and went to the police department to report the incident.
MSPD Sergeant Joe Restine soon located a vehicle matching the description the victim had given, and made an enforcement stop. The driver, Seago, was later identified by the victim as the impersonator who had pulled her over.
Police stated Seago was wearing a Mount Shasta City Fire Department uniform, for which he is a volunteer. He was found in possession of a red and white light, a loaded firearm, and a duty belt. Police reports state that he was also under the influence of alcohol.
In the course of the investigation that followed, the MSPD said six additional people came forward to report that they too had been pulled over by a person matching Seago’s description under suspicious circumstances.
The false imprisonment charges stem from causing a victim to feel that they weren’t free to leave, Andrus explained. “These are the charges that are reflected in the reports this office received,” Andrus said.
Seago was released from Siskiyou County Jail the afternoon following his arrest on $25,000 bail. He has no prior criminal record.
During his arraignment last week, Judge Karen Dixon ordered Seago’s bail bond be retained. Seago waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing and was ordered to be present in court on June 10. Seago was represented by attorney Ted Bastian, but will be represented in the future by defense attorney Michael Semansky.