The situation is grim for Siskiyou County libraries.  According to head Siskiyou County librarian Betsy Emry, her department  received information last Friday that a projected $4.6 million county general fund shortfall will reduce the library   budget   by approximately twenty percent for the next fiscal year.
“The situation is not as bad as I had originally projected but is worse than I was planning for,” said Emry, who added, “Our target number was ten percent.”  That said, she is looking at cuts to  the salary and benefits budget, which are now twice what she was expecting.
   The impact to the libraries will most likely be a reduction of hours and possible layoffs in the main office.
Emry emphasized her overall goal is to not have to close any of the library branches. 
  “The decisions that are being made are going to affect future generations as far as their ability to be productive and competitive in our modern world,” she said.