Spokesperson for Congressman Wally Herger Matt Lavoie responded to the Congressman’s Aug. 18 town hall meeting remarks in Redding where he said “Amen, God bless you. There is a great American” when the man declared “I am a proud right wing terrorist.” Lavoie said Herger was not available for comment due to a family commitment.
“The comment and exchange were satire,” Lavoie said. “The Congressman does not know this person. He is confident he was using satire to further his point.”
Lavoie said the man’s comment were in part a response to Democratic positions.
“The last nine months, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi has characterized those with conservative opinions and opposed to cap and trade and government run health care as un-American,” Lavoie said. “In fact, the gentleman was referring to a Department of Homeland Security report that actually referred to our returning soldiers as likely targets for recruitment into right wing terrorist groups.”
Lavoie said Herger had no intention of promoting violence.
“Clearly, Congressman Herger does not condone violence,” Lavoie  said. “During each town hall meeting, including Redding, Congressman Herger opens the meeting with asking people to be respectful of other people’s opinions, making the point that we need to disagree with being disagreeable.”
Lavoie stressed that not only were the man’s remarks satire, but that Herger's remarks were “acknowledging the satire of the comment.”
“Congressman Herger understood the satire with which the comment was made and firmly believes every American can see through the unfair characture being offered by the far left wing of normal Americans attending these town hall meetings,” Lavoie said.