Volleyball season is here, and Weed High School varsity coach Sunny Greene is feeling optimistic.
“I’ve seen a lot of improvement in skills since last year,” she said. “I think we’ll have a pretty good season.”
Greene feels the Cougars have grown a lot over the summer, and the seniors are more settled.
Weed has eight athletes: seven are returning players, and one is new to high school volleyball. 
Each girl has strength in a specific position, but Greene’s goal is to develop her athletes’ skills so they can play anywhere on the court.
“I want them to know all the skills and feel confident doing them,” the coach said.  “If I have someone that is clearly really good at a particular position then I’m going to always try to use that to my advantage, but I don’t want to ever run out of substitutions. 
Often high school teams will play with a Libero – a special defensive player only allowed to play in the back row and identified by wearing a contrasting color jersey – but Greene’s team will play without one, allowing the girls to rotate through all positions.
Last year Greene coached both teams, but this year WHS teacher Monika Van Baren came on as JV coach. Greene said 15 athletes are out for the JV team.
Pre-season games start Sept. 1 in Dunsmuir.  Greene says funding for transportation to non-league games has been cut, so she may need to fundraise or rely on parent volunteers to provide rides.  The school will provide transportation to all league games.