From beehives to cabinet doors to alpacas, the women in Weston’s multi-media fiber arts class drew on many inspirations for their creations in the Bras for a Cause art show.
Mount Shasta’s Jan Souza, Adamine Harris, Marlene Ludlow, Mickey Weston, Kathy Jones and Katie Johnson, as well as Dunsmuir’s Elizabeth Osbourne and Tammy Cutting, turned ordinary bras into humorous and beautiful works of art, which are currently on display at the Siskiyou Arts Council Gallery and Cultural Center in Mount Shasta. On Wednesday, Dec. 23, the bras will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to help fund cancer research.
While on display, visitors can vote for their favorite bra with donations, Weston said. The bra that raises the most money will be named Best of Show.
“This class allows us to express ourselves in interesting ways that we wouldn’t get to otherwise,” Ludlow said. “This project was a lot of fun.”
“We decided that this was a good use for our art,” Souza added.
The group is often involved with charities, donating crocheted hats for children in Indian orphanages, baby blankets for the Resource Centers, and booties for newborns at Mercy Medical Center.
“We have a lot of fun, and have become a tight-knit group,” said Harris. “But we welcome new people, too.”
The class, which was previously offered through College of the Siskiyous as a lifetime learning course, has now become a private program, Weston explained.
“We offer inexpensive classes, provide lessons and provide space for groups to work on their projects... we have a great time.”
Lauri Sturdivant, executive director of the Siskiyou Arts Council, said she’s excited to have Bras for a Cause in the Gallery, and that she’s impressed by the quality and variety of the work.
“I’m so grateful the Council has this space to work with, and the opportunity to support the local community with projects like this,” she said. “It’s a fun project and a great show.”
The bras will be displayed at the SAC Gallery for approximately two weeks before they are taken to Liberty Arts in Yreka. After that, they’ll be brought back to the SAC Gallery for the final auctioning on Dec. 23.