With lights all aglow, over 70 area residents toured the sparkling grounds of the Saint Germain Foundation’s Shasta Springs facility during the Festival of Lights on Monday.
The Foundation’s members strung thousands of multi-colored lights along the structures, trees and shrubs on the grounds of their facility, said Barbara Schrock, the Foundation’s general manager.
Those attending assembled for a walking tour of the majestic light decorations and then gathered in the dining hall for refreshments offered by the foundation’s members.
“It is so amazing,” said Dunsmuir Garden Club president Patricia Hill at the event. “It is one of the most impressive light shows I have ever seen.”
Members of the Saint Germain Foundation travel to their Shasta Springs facility every year for their Thanksgiving conference, which is dedicated to light. Schrock said the Foundation first began installing the lights at Thanksgiving time three years ago.
Since so many flowers grow at Shasta Springs during the spring and summertime, “We wanted to make it as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer,” Schrock said. “It is a way of showing gratitude to life and to the world.”
This marks the second year that the foundation invited members of the community to attend the Festival of Lights. “We wanted to introduce the idea that we at the foundation believe it is important to bring families together,” said Schrock, adding that Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, love, peace, and joy.
Dunsmuir Botanical Garden Club member Harriet Alto said, “I like the idea of the Festival of Lights bringing light into the world in the dark of winter.”