A snow storm, which hit Southern Siskiyou County late on Tuesday Jan. 19, has left several feet of snow on the ground and thousands of residents without power, leading officials to declare a state of emergency.

As of 1 p.m. on Friday, Pacific Power reports that there are 4,700 area residents without power and some might not see their electricity restored until as late as Sunday.

In response, the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office has opened an Emergency Operations Center, as have the Mount Shasta City Police. 

Mount Shasta residents can seek overnight shelter at the Mount Shasta Community Center at 629 Alder Street. 

In McCloud, residents can go to the First Baptist Church, located at Walter and Minnesota.

For updated information about emergency services, call the 'warm line' at 530-841-4049.

The heavy snowfall has caused several limbs, and in some cases whole trees, to fall to the ground.

Mt. Shasta residents Todd and Leslie Ellorin had a large tree fall on their roof, which casued severe damage and forced them to stay at a neighbor's house.

"It was really spooky last night," said Todd Ellorin.  "Trees were snapping everywhere."

Several other residents have reported damages, as well.

The CIty of Weed, though just a short distance from Mt. Shasta, saw only a foot of snow and experience a power outage that lasted only half an hour.

The City of Dunsmuir lost power on Wednesday, but had it restored yesterday. 

More storms are expected throughout the week.