2 million – Early estimate in dollars of damage done to public and private property due to last week’s storm.
9,000 – Pacific Power customers in the Mt. Shasta area who lost power for various lengths of time starting Jan. 19, 2010.
1,500 – Calls taken by Mount Shasta Police Department dispatch center during last week’s storm.
200 – Personnel called in by Pacific Power to repair damaged lines and equipment.
91 – Calls responded to by the Mount Shasta Fire Department.
75 – The percentage of costs beyond normal budgeted services the state will pay to the city of Mount Shasta for its expenses related to storm damage.
50 – inches of snow that fell in the city of Mount Shasta between Jan. 19 and 25, 2010.
29 – Inches of snow that fell in Mount Shasta city on Jan. 19 and 20, 2010. The largest amount of snow in a two-day period in the city since 1979, according to Ryan Sandler of the National Weather Service in Medford.
28 – Number of structures reported damaged within the Mount Shasta city limits.
23 – Number of structures reported damaged in the county.
12 – Hours that 83 year old Pricilla Dawson spent outside her house after she fell last Wednesday evening.
11 – People suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning who were seen in the Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta emergency room Thursday.
530-841-4049 – Phone number to call if your residence or property was damaged during the storm.