Luigia Norma ‘Gina’ Pedroncelli George
April 23rd 1925 – February 27th 2010

Gina was born in Dunsmuir, CA the first of Marianna & Batista Pedroncelli’s five children with Anita, Fides, Gloria and Robert to follow. Gina’s intelligence was evident early on as she became her high school valedictorian. After graduating she went to work at McClelland Air force Base during World War II.  After the war the Southern Pacific Railroad employed Gina for 43 years, first in Dunsmuir after overcoming significant obstacles to become the first woman hired on the northern division, and then at S.P’s San Francisco headquarters.  Working in what continued to be a “man’s world” she used her positive attitude and extraordinary people and communication skills to succeed.

Everyone who had the good fortune to call Gina a friend loved her, and her authentically caring personality was evidenced by her large group of friends – all from very different walks of life.  As she noted during her final days she just “liked people” and people, in turn, liked Gina.  In fact, they were drawn to her because she was fun, loyal, smart, and easy to be around.  The Creekside Bakery crew and her neighbor Stig were her special support group through the last years and provided her with a sense of community and friendship that carried her forward.

Gina was a leader and a role model for everyone from her family who adored her, to her friends who knew they could always count on Gina to be supportive and, when needed, to provide a straight answer.  For a woman who worked incredibly hard, she always took the time to offer her support to everyone around her.

In 1947 Gina met “the love of her life” and married John George. Their special bond grew stronger through their fifty-five years of marriage and even after John’s death they did not part; clearly they are once again in each other’s arms.  Together John and Gina forged a team that focused on living their values and passing them on to their daughter Trudi and son Jon. Gina’s daughter in law Therese and son in law Richard both loved her as their own mom.  Her grandchildren Jon, Colter and Sienna have been shaped by their Nonna’s moral compass, compassion and unwavering commitment to seeing the best in everyone and the possibility in every circumstance; they love her dearly and will always remember Nonna Gina.

Gina will be remembered by her friends and family for her example, her loving heart, and her sense of humor.  For Gina, life was an opportunity.  Before she died she said, “In life, there’s always more to do if you want to do it” and she always wanted to.  We love you Mom.