Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta’s Care Center will soon close its doors, forcing approximately 35 elderly residents to find placement elsewhere, and an unknown number of employees out of their jobs.
Mercy Mt. Shasta’s president, Ken Platou, announced the Center’s closure on the morning of Wednesday, March 25.
Staffing in the acute care area will be adjusted to levels that better reflect current patient volume and financial capabilities, and “full and part time positions will be eliminated as a result of this decision and individuals will lose their positions,” according to a press release from Mercy Mt. Shasta’s director of marketing and community relations department.
“The economic downturn that has affected so much of our national economic picture is being felt in health care as well,” the release continues.
The decision was made “based on a careful review of the financial impact the skilled nursing center is having on our whole facility, and the ethical considerations involved in its closure.  The entire hospital is experiencing lower than expected patient volumes and decreased reimbursement and payments from insurance companies and other payer sources.  It is imperative for the long term financial stability of the hospital that we close the Care Center and adjust our staffing levels to these lower volumes and economic realities.”
The release states the process of the closure will be “carefully implemented,” and will include “the appropriate placement of the elders that currently reside in the skilled nursing facility.”
The release also states that Mercy will work with the unions who represent the affected employees to explore other employment opportunities within Catholic Healthcare West.