, the online home of the Mount Shasta Area Newspapers, will roll out a brand new look for its website on the morning of Tuesday, March 30.
Our goal is to give you a website that is easy to navigate and highlights a wider array of stories. We believe the redesign will make it easier to find what you need.
We’ll start rolling out the new design around 6 a.m. next Tuesday. It may take up to an hour for all areas of the site and all computers to start showing the change.
The current design of our website was put in place in 2008. Since that time, many newspapers in the GateHouse Media chain have let corporate officials know how we’d like to see the design improved to fit the needs of our local audiences. Many of the company’s local website editors got together in the Chicago area six months ago to voice those concerns again directly to corporate officials. We presented a laundry list of improvements that touched on virtually every corner of the website. GateHouse Media and its website development company, Zope, got together and came up with the design you will see next week.
There are many new features that you’ll discover as you start surfing the new site. But the biggest change is the new home page story “carousel.” One of the limitations of our current home page is that we can only show off (with a big headline and picture) one story at a time. We change that story a few times a day, but it’s a manual process that’s not very convenient. The new design lets us display several important stories that will rotate across the home page every few seconds. This will allow us to more prominently display stories from other sections of the website that you usually have to click inside to find now. Another big change is the improved navigation. You’ll quickly discover it’s easier to find and flip between different sections of the site.
We won’t be removing any of the content you see now. All of the locally produced content will still be there after the change.
In addition, our “Reader Comments” feature will continue to appear at the end of most stories and will work the same way. Your current commenting account will work just fine. We will continue to monitor the comment boards to keep them free of inappropriate content.
Our goal is to get you through this move without rearranging too much of the furniture. In fact, the navigation menus at the top of the new site are almost identical to those on the current site. But inevitably, some feature or page you check every day might get lost in the shuffle. If that happens, we’re here to help.
Email us at or, and we will promptly answer your questions throughout the transition process.